August 14, 2022

An Evening Gown Fit for the Summer White House

Once upon a time there were dreams of building a Summer White House in Colorado. If it had been built at what is now Mt. Falcon Park, Lifescape Portraits’ Ambassador, Aliza, would have been the perfect guest in our Berta designer gown. She graced the breathtaking mountain landscapes with regal beauty and poise.

Now for a little Colorado history: At the turn of the 20th century, John Brisben Walker owned 4,000+ acres near Morrison. In addition to the stone house he built on Mount Falcon, he also wanted to construct a Summer White House for U.S. presidents. You can still see the cornerstone and foundation for the building at the park today, but Walker lost his fortune before his dream became reality. Lucky for Coloradans, Jeffco Open Space acquired the property and made it the amazing public park it is today.

Aliza brought her A game to her Berta House dress session, enriching the rustic locale with her grace and charm. Mt. Falcon provided the perfect backdrop, with lovely mountain views and evergreen forests.

Check out our Mt. Falcon video to catch all the behind the scenes action.

Next week Lifescape Portraits will travel to our final destination with our designer evening gown: historic Golden.

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