Tell the story of who you are in unique images that capture this singular moment in your life.

Your professional senior session will create customized, exceptional portraits with stunning style.

The images we make together will hold enduring memories to treasure forever.

At Lifescape Portraits, we believe:
 * You deserve senior photos that don't look like everyone else's.
 * Your senior photos should capture your authentic personality and inspire confidence in you.
* You should fall in love with your senior portraits because the images are even better than you could have imagined.

make a lasting impact with your senior portrait session

Read about the Team

~ matthew

When I was looking for portraits online, almost everything I saw looked the same, same photography style, same photo effects. But when I saw Lifescape Portraits, I instantly knew this is what I wanted. It was different and higher quality than anything else I had seen before.

artist • gamer • DM



pilot • woodworker • entrepeneur

When he's not busy piloting a plane or applying for a patent, Mitchell helps with session lighting and such.

His friendly, approachable demeanor makes our sessions fun and comfortable.



nature enthusiast • novelist • lifelong learner

When CJ is not drawing with graphite or a tablet, he assists with lighting at sessions. His chill approach is guaranteed to set a casual mood.

From her experience as a mom and senior executive, Carol's well-equipped to keep up with planning and organizing the office. Customer service is her thing and she goes the extra mile to meet each client's needs.

Office Manager


light chaser • adventurer • dog whisperer

Shepherd Eaton's professional photography experience spans more than three decades. He specializes in senior portraits, fashion, and dance.

His career began as an award-winning photojournalist. Now he brings those exceptional skills from photojournalism and sports photography to his creative sessions.

Shepherd views each session as a unique opportunity for him to co-create with his clients, dreaming up portraits that capture their personality and express who they are as individuals.

Owner, Lead Photographer


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