June 26, 2022

BTS: Traveling Berta Dress Shoot

What’s a traveling Berta dress? So glad you asked! Let’s go behind the scenes (BTS) and find out.

Berta Balilti is an avant-garde international fashion designer known for high-end evening and bridal fashion. Her approach creates modern, bold fashions using vintage materials and retro styles.

Wearing a Berta dress would be a dream come true for most, but sadly out of the price range for many of us mere mortals. Thus, the “traveling” part of this story.

A group of photographers got together to split the cost so each could host the dress for one month before mailing it to the next portrait studio. In June, it was Lifescape Portraits’ turn! Our Ambassadors felt like fairy princesses during their shoots.

How famous is the dress? Britney Spears, Priyanka Chopra, Sharon Stone and Carrie Underwood have worn Berta evening wear to various events. Ariana Grande wore a mini Berta on her music video “Don’t Call Me Angel” and Sofia Vergara wore a Berta gown for the America’s Got Talent 2021 finals.

Lifescape Portraits can’t wait to share some of the breath-taking portraits of our Ambassadors in this extra special dress. Each brought unique style and made it their own. Stay tuned for future posts!

Lifescape Portraits Denver Senior Portraits

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