October 17, 2021

Hannah’s Magical Senior Portrait Experience

Hannah, one of our amazing Ambassadors, had a magical senior portrait experience at Hudson Gardens. She describes it this way:

My favorite part of my session was in the beginning when we took a shot in a group of flowers! We were joking about summoning the sun and there were bunnies jumping around in the background. I honestly felt a little bit like a Disney princess!

Hannah shared more about what made her session so special:

I was amazed at how well the outfits coordinated with the location. I didn’t even think about color coordination with my background but Shepherd made sure I blended well with my surroundings so everything looked natural. Nothing clashed or looked unnatural!

I feel the biggest difference between Shepherd and other photography studios is how personalized Shepherd makes the session. He lets you choose the location, scouts it out for you, helps coordinate your outfits so it matches, asks you about your personality and what you like so he can better capture who you are, helps you choose the photos, and makes sure you get everything you want! He even helped me get a shot with a paw print of my dog who passed away recently which meant the world to me!

My session helped me feel so empowered and confident! Plus, it really helped me get excited for my senior year!

Check out all the fun in Vlog #3.

Hannah also described what it meant for her to be a Lifescape Portrait Ambassador: Being an ambassador has allowed me to connect with an incredibly kind and supportive community as well as develop a newfound confidence! Join Team Lifescape for an forgettable experience leading up to your high school senior year through photography. 

Denver Senior Portraits

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