August 28, 2021

In Honor of National Dog Day: Senior Portraits and Pups!

We love our dogs! They are such a special part of our family. And what better way to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26 but with senior portraits featuring some adorable, beloved canines.

W. C. Fields said never work with animals or children. It’s true dogs can really steal the show or ruin it if they decide to be uncooperative, but we have never had that happen. If your dog has been your special friend since kindergarten, why not bring your faithful, furry companion along for one of your senior photos? They’ve made the journey to senior year with you, and it will be a memory you can keep forever.

Lifescape Portraits’ owner and lead photographer, Shepherd, is a dog whisperer himself. Check out his portraits of our Irish Wolfhound below and be sure to bring your pup along for your senior photo session!

Denver Senior Photos

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