May 1, 2021

Make Your Senior Portraits Extraordinary With Lifescape Portraits

Lifescape Portraits is like no other senior portrait studio. We offer multiple location sessions because your senior portrait experience is as important as the photographs themselves. Last week we held our rain sessions, a unique experience enjoyed by some of our seniors, dancers, and Ambassadors.

Our seniors are looking for fun experiences in all kinds of locations ranging from red rocks and sunflowers to the Rocky Mountains and the 16th Street Mall. We love to go to the places that matter to you so we can create memories that last together.

Shepherd was willing to do all kinds of crazy positions, locations, angles to get some awesome and unique photographs. ~Ali

When I was looking for portraits online, almost everything I saw looked the same, same photography style, same photo effects. But when I saw Lifescape Portraits, I instantly knew this is what I wanted. It was different and higher quality than anything else I had seen before. ~Matt

Whether you want to dance in the rain, go urban street in Denver, or boho in Wash Park, we will make your senior portrait experience as extraordinary as you are.

Colorado Ballet Rain Portraits

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